Trouble in India After Temple Ceremony

Trouble in India After Temple Ceremony After Prime Minister Narendra Modi built a Hindu temple in Ayodhya where a mosque used to be, some people are causing problems. Hindu groups are being mean to other people, especially Muslims. This is making a lot of people scared and worried about fighting between different groups in India.

Trouble Spreads Across India

In different parts of India, some Hindu people are doing things to hurt others, showing anger against Muslims. They are climbing on mosques, putting flags on churches, and even burning down shops owned by Muslims. This is not good, and it’s making people feel upset. Near Mumbai, they are also making the police do bad things to Muslim businesses.

Same Thing Happens Again and Again

In many places, these problems happen in the same way. Men on bikes and jeeps with flags drive around Muslim neighborhoods playing loud music and saying things that make people scared. This is happening before or after the temple ceremony. It’s like when something bad happened in 1992, and it’s making people remember those scary times.

Modi’s Ideas Making India More Hindu

Prime Minister Modi and his party want India to be more about Hindu beliefs. They are not thinking about all religions like before. Modi talked about “untangling a historical knot” during the temple ceremony and said they are making a “brighter future.”

The Temple A Special Place for Hindus

The new temple is built where a mosque was before. Hindus say it’s important because it shows that they are taking back something they lost a long time ago. They think the mosque was built on a Hindu temple, and it reminds them of when Muslims ruled over India.

Remembering a Bad Time in 1992

These new problems remind people of a time in 1992 when a Hindu group destroyed a mosque, and many people got hurt. Now, it feels like history is repeating, and this makes everyone worried.

People Compare to Wartime Marches

Some groups are saying that the way Hindu people are behaving is like when armies take over places during wars. This makes Muslim people scared to react because they think it will bring more trouble from the government.

Social Media Shows Bad Things

On social media, people are sharing pictures and videos of these problems. They show mobs hurting shops and scaring people. This worries people, and some are telling Modi that he needs to stop this from getting worse.

Conclusion: India Needs Peace

Right now, India is facing a tough time after the temple ceremony hindu. People are scared, and it feels like there might be more fighting. Everyone hopes that things can get better soon, and India can be a place where people from all religions live together peacefully.